Some brief instructions to obtain Visa/working permit on time.

Applying for Visa/work permit depends on whether the applicant is an EU or non-EU citizen. Despite the enlargement of the EU, the Schengen zone and general harmonization of regulations regarding movement within the EU, it is important to understand that most visa issues are under competence of national states, and therefore there are no single regulations and requirements for all European countries. However, the main information ragarding work permits can be found at:


Have in mind that, in most embassies and consulates there could be delays and administrative difficulties when applying for work permit (sometimes up to 6 months). Therefore, we strongly recommend selected (or potentially selected) applicants to start all the procedures as soon as possible.

Once an application is admitted to the GreenTRIBOS, he/she should start the procedures to obtain the necessary work permit in his/her home countries in the embassy/consulate of the respective European country (first semester country). Applicants will also need a second and third visa when they move to their second (or third) host country in Europe.

We advise applicants to check the national VISA/work permit requirements related to own country of citizenship for all four partner university countries.

For other general information related to Travel and Visa go to: