1st GreenTribology conference

date: September 15, 2023

category: News

1st GreenTribology conference was held in Leeds on 6 September 2023, together with the 48th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology. Both conferences together were attended by more than 200 participants.

At the conference, all 12 GreenTRIBOS ESRs presented their research work in three dedicated sessions chaired by coordinators and supervisors from the GreenTRIBOS consortium. The final, fourth session consisted of a keynote lecture by Professor Rob Dwyer-Joyce from the University of Sheffield (UK) and a round table discussion.


Joint picture of all participants on 1st Green Tribology conference and Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology.



During parallel sessions of 1st Green Tribology conference.


Professor Rob Dwyer-Joyce gave a keynote lecture entitled: Losses in the Electrical Powertrain - from Wind Turbines to electric vehicle. In his lecture, he comprehensively showed the entire cycle of green mobility. From green harvesting of electrical energy, to the transmission of the energy to the consumer, to the final use of this energy in the electric car. By going into detail point by point, he explained how great the losses are in the entire process and where the opportunities for significant improvements lie.



Keynote lecture given by Professor Rob Dwyer-Joyce from the University of Sheffield.















The final part of the conference was the round table discussion, where mentors, supervisors, ESRs and also other audience participated. During the discussion, it was emphasised that reliability is an important factor that is often neglected in the search for green solutions in tribology today. The GreenTRIBOS supervisors and ESRs also presented to the audience the main lessons learned during the three years of the project, as well as future challenges.



Round table discussion session.