3rd Network Wide Event

date: October 22, 2021

category: Trainings

Summary of training event (11th–15th of October 2021) in Portugal.

The third Network Wide Event (NWE) of GreenTRIBOS project was organised by University of Coimbra (UC). It was held in two parts: the first part consisted of the ESRs' thesis proposal presentations in September, while the second part was held live in Coimbra, Portugal. It was also the first NWE where all the ESRs finally had the chance to meet in person, get to know each other and exchange experiences. The schedule consisted of scientific and soft skills lectures given by invited lecturers from both within and outside the programme, as well as hands-on laboratory training for the ESRs.


                                                                            During the lectures.

A lecture on lubricant additives was given by Prof. Morina (University of Leeds) and one on superlubricity by Prof. Polcar (University of Southampton). Laboratory training was organised at the Institute of Pedro Nunes and the Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes at UC. The characterization techniques covered were SEM, EDS, AFM, XRD, DSC, TGA and nanoindentation. In addition to the scientific sessions, the GreenTRIBOS PhD students attended workshops to develop different soft skills, such as public communication and presentation training, enterpreneurship and mental health.


                                                                            Hands-on training session.

A tour of the city and a formal dinner with the consortium members were also held at the end of the week, where the ESRs got to visit the Machado de Castro Museum and the old university of Coimbra building with its magnificent baroque library from the 18th century.


                                                                 Dinner with the consortium members.

Now back at their home universities, the ESRs will continue to work on their projects and will meet again for the 4th Network Wide Event, which will be organised by the Technical University of Luleå in Sweden. 


Petra Jan, 22.10.2021