4th Network Wide Event

date: April 27, 2022

category: Trainings

Summary of training event (28th of March –1st of April 2022) in Sweden.

The fourth Network Wide Event (NWE) of GreenTRIBOS project was organised by Technical University of Luleå (LTU) in Luleå, Sweden. Due to the relaxation of Covid restrictions, it was the first NWE where the ESRs were able to meet all of their supervisors in person and included a visit to the town of Kiruna as well.

The NWE consisted of scientific training sessions, different transferable skills trainings, Midterm review & management meetings, ESRs' progress presentations and recreational visits. The participants had a chance to visit the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), the LTU Space Campus and the Ice hotel in Kiruna, as well as the University of Luleå. Lectures/training sessions were delivered by educators from each beneficiary and invited speakers on the topics of Personal development and research integrity, Gender equality, Team building and multicultural awareness and so on.




                                                                                 At the Ice hotel in Kiruna.

The ESRs' project progress reporting was divided into different sessions that were scheduled for separate days. Each presentation was followed by a 30 min Questions and Answers session, where both the supervisors and the other ESRs participated. In the end, the supervisors guided each ESR with their constructive comments and suggestions to enhance the quality of their research work.




                                                                           During a lab visit.

The supervisors emphasized the importance of reports, speeding up the research pace and advised the ESRs to keep following the timelines. The scientific training events were also different from the previous NWEs, as the ESRs visited different research facilities and got an idea of the field work and research on real applications. The event concluded with a lot of positive vibes and learning for all the participants.


Talha Bin Yaqub and Petra Jan, 27.4.2022