ESR 3: Adapted organic additives for the green lubrication of polymers

Objectives: To investigate the compatibility and interactions of various organic additives for the lubrication of polymers and polymer composites. To determine the wear mechanisms of polymers by using lubrication from organic-based additives. To optimize the contact parameters for the best performance of novel green lubrication combining organic additives with polymer composites

ESR: Pedro Martins Ferreira (Brazil)









I decided to take part in the GreenTRIBOS project for two reasons: first, because of its environment-friendly approach of doing research. And second, because of the singular experience of working with people in different institutions and countries. 

Previous studies:
Bachelor's degree: Mechanical Engineering, University of Campinas, Brazil and École Centrale de Lyon, France
Master's degree: Industrial Master's Degree, IFP School and Total Energies, France

PhD double degree at: University of Ljubljana & University of Coimbra

Expected Results: While polymers are increasingly being used as a replacement for metal components, such as gears, due to low costs, low weight and high vibration-absorption ability, their lubrication has not yet been widely explored. Developing novel organic-additives based green lubricants would contribute to low-friction properties of the polymer components by also ensuring a lesser impact on the environment, by:

  • Understanding the compatibility of several organic additives (TOTAL) with the chosen polymers and polymer composites

  • Defining the influential parameters for the tribological performance of the organic additives used in polymer applications

  • Designing novel lubricants with organic green additives for achieving low-friction performance with polymer components, typically gears