ESR 8: Experimental and numerical study of low-wear reinforced self-lubricating polymers

Objectives: To conduct a structural analysis of the current installation and to computationally study the polymers’s behavior. Characterization of the leakage and commercially available materials. To design novel, self-lubricated, reinforced polymer composites with low-friction and low-wear properties to minimize leakage.

ESR: Maksim Nikonovich (Russia)









With being inspired by the research and experimental work extremely interesting, it was decided to look for new ideas and materials. The implementation of these opportunities appeared to be feasible in GreenTribos program, including the combination of experimental and theoretical studies, possibility to contribute to the development of new effective and eco-friendly energy sources, work in international team and expansion of academic communication with other research groups.

Previous studies:
Bachelor's degree: Rocket-space composite structures, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
Master's degree: Engineering Master's project, Institute of Solid State Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

PhD double degree at: Luleå University of Technology & University of Coimbra

Expected Results: The sealing integrity of a bearing system is a critical aspect that affects its performance and lifetime. Leakage affects the system’s performance, but also negatively affects the environment and costs. The need for minimized leakage and consequently preventing structural damage to internal components of a tribological system will be solved by:

  • Characterization of non-linear, polymer behaviour and verification with different analytical models

  • Determining the effect of lubrication conditions on sealing functionality and understanding seal deterioration over time

  • Real-scale design and optimisation of materials and manufacturing tolerances with respect to sealing performance and durability