ESR 9: Water-lubricated high-performance polymers

Objectives: To determine the best fillers for polymer (nano)composites with respect to their tribological performance in water-lubricated systems. To determine and understand the effects of water on the properties of polymer (nano)composites. To optimize contact conditions for an effective green water-based lubrication of the designed polymer (nano)composites.

ESR: Prashant Gangwani (India)









I loved every scintilla of my previous research experience – from surveying to experimentation and technical writing. While searching for doctoral studies option I came across never heard yet compelling program ‘GreenTRIBOS’. As the name suggests all its projects kept environment in mind with shear number of universities and industries involved from across Europe.

Previous studies:
Bachelor's degree: Mechanical Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg (BITD), India
Master's degree: MSc with a major in Design & Vibration and emphasis on High-Performance Computing, Arizona State University, USA

PhD double degree at: University of Ljubljana & Luleå University of Technology

Expected Results: Improved polymers with low manufacturing costs and low weight can minimize the environmental impact of water-based applications. However, water lubrication, as a green tribological solution, demands revealing the behaviour of the polymer in water as well as the effect of design of adapted polymer composites. This can be achieved by:

  • Understanding the effect of various (nano)fillers on the performance of the selected polymers and (nano)composites

  • Understanding how water affects the tribological behaviour of polymer (nano)composite

  • Determination of the effects of contact parameters on the water-lubrication of polymer (nano)composites